Resume & Portfolio

Hello and welcome to my online resume and portfolio. My name is Radley, and I'm a WordPress Developer with 18 years of experience in web development. As a small exercise, this resume and portfolio is custom a built with source code available on GitHub.

I'm proficient with many design and development tools and maintain several Unix-based web servers. My day-to-day work involves maintaining hosted websites for clients, developing custom themes and plugins, and optimizing websites for speed and performance.

Preferred Software

Most of my projects are built with PHPStorm, along with Git for version control. My AI tool of choice is GitHub Copilot. For design I prefer using Figma for layout, Photoshop for graphic design, and Inkscape for vector graphics. I use ShareX for taking screenshots and OBS for recording videos.

WordPress Specialist

I have focused exclusively on WordPress development since 2017. Recently I've been working with Full Site Editor and the block themes.


I enjoy painting with acrylics and oils, riding my road bike, and playing all kinds of games. My favorite game is Dungeons & Dragons where I prefer a spell-casting Wizard or Cleric, unless I'm the DM.






  • Front-End Developer and Support Specialist

    Alchemy + Aim

    2017 – Current
    • Complete custom WordPress builds from a design PSD.
    • Coordinating with team members, designers and clients.
    • Offering customer support through an email ticketing system, and occasional phone/online meetings.
  • WordPress Developer

    ZingMap, LLC

    2017 – Current
    • Sourcing clients, discussing needs, writing estimates and proposals.
    • Web development, hosting, and related services.
    • Developing websites with custom themes, custom plugins, analytics, SEO, and so on.
  • Lead WordPress Developer

    Limelight Department, Inc.

    2012 – 2017
    • Coached and led a team of in-house and remote developers.
    • Delegated projects to other developers based on skill levels and workload.
    • Maintained 5 separate web servers, containing more than 80 active websites.
    • Built, tested, and deployed various completed websites with custom themes and plugins.
    • Optimized two different websites each with over 1+ million monthly visitors, improving stability and loading speed immensely.
  • WordPress Developer

    Bridge Town Home Buyers, LLC

    • Rebuilt website using WordPress, reevaluated and modified all pages for improved usability and SEO.
    • Custom WordPress plugin for a listing of properties.
  • WordPress Developer


    • Built a custom WordPress plugin with membership integration allowing paid users to be notified of case submissions.
    • Integrated contact forms with membership system, notifying users based on their city/state.
    • Set up Mandrill to distribute emails from the plugin's notifications.
  • Web Developer

    Goliath Creative

    2011 – 2015
    • Built a horizontal scrolling restaurant website, with strict browser support requirements.
    • Created numerous website templates from PSD's and PDF's, for use in a custom CMS.
    • Added mobile version of websites using jQuery Mobile, and later using responsive design techniques.
  • Web Developer / IT


    2007 – 2011
    • Worked with a variety of clients on many web development projects.
    • Performed IT work, including Windows tutoring and building automation software.


  • Erik Contzius

    Women Cantors' Network

    Radley embodies the best of a partner in development. He really knows his way around databases, WordPress, and has a good design sense to boot. Radley intuits solutions to problems, both anticipated and unexpected. He is patient and more than willing to debug problems that arise. His communication skills are excellent.

  • Jamie Stephens

    Brantford Experts

    Radley took my ideas and ran with them -- the end result is a solution that does more than I originally planned and I couldn't be more thrilled! He was prompt in replying to my messages and I was provided with detailed updates along the way. If you're looking for a developer, Radley really knows his stuff. Stop scrolling and send him a message now, you won't regret it. Thank you Radley!

  • Joey Curtin

    Stop Pet Overpopulation Today

    Radley rescued SPOT's sorely neglected and out of date website and transformed it into a wonderful new public face in an amazingly short time! He added video, streamlined every section of the site and added a much needed on-line application option for our clients. His excellent suggestions and creative genius throughout the site have increased our traffic and accessibility tremendously. He is extremely professional and pleasant to work with (really listening carefully and patiently explaining all the steps he was taking to our team of non-techies). We will definitely use his services again and would highly recommend his technical talent and business acumen!

  • Zack P.

    I worked with Radley for about five years in the agency world. My business partner and I hired Radley when he was a brand-new developer; inexperienced, but bright, eager, and motivated. In a very short amount of time, Radley grew into a brilliant developer and became our agency's lead developer. He and I worked in-tandem on dozens of websites over the years. He has qualities that are vital to successful programming. Firstly, he takes great personal pride in his work. His personal expectations of quality exceed that of those around him, and that makes his work superb. Radley is also a creative problem solver. We often joked that "if a client can dream it, Radley can build it". And finally, Radley's greatest luxury is his ability to articulate complex concepts both in "programmer-speak", and layman's terms. I've had Radley write summaries for clients, where his layman's term verbiage is so eloquent that I just copy and paste it to my client. For those of you familiar with web developers, you know this is extremely rare. He's the ultimate 5-tool player, and you should certainly hire him.

  • Jeff H.

    Radley is an absolute pleasure to work with. He's professional, organized, and efficient. The thing I looked most about working with him is his communication. He explains things thoroughly and succinctly. He's an all-around outstanding contractor.

  • Shannon McAlister

    PDX Homeowners

    Radley is a great developer. He is very knowledgeable and has a great eye for design. He is very easy to work with and is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure the project is done right. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great developer.

  • Screenshot of RS Font Awesome 5

    RS Font Awesome 5

    This WordPress plugin enables you to add icons from Font Awesome 5 using a block or shortcode.

  • Screenshot of SkillBridge Insight

    SkillBridge Insight

    Complete website build from a Figma design. Full Site Editor theme based on the Block Editor. Features company reviews with calculated star ratings and average scores based on review form questions. Companies can reply to reviews. All reviews require admin approval and send email notifications to all parties.

    Built for Alchemy + Aim, designed by Phillip DeVita.

  • Screenshot of Great City Medical

    Great City Medical

    Complete website rebuild from a Figma design. Multilingual support with TranslatePress. Block theme with many customizable blocks to display icons, ratings, and testimonials.

    Designed by Pavel.

  • Screenshot of Eugene Area Gleaners

    Eugene Area Gleaners

    Website built with the Divi theme. I especially like the hover effects in the header area. I redesigned the logo, compare to the old version at the bottom of the Branding page.

    Designed and developed by Radley.

  • Screenshot of Concealed Nation

    Concealed Nation

    Complete website rebuild optimized for thousands of concurrent visitors. Consolidated dozens of plugins into a small list of essentials.

    Designed and developed by Radley.

  • Screenshot of Peg Rodrigues

    Peg Rodrigues

    Website for Peg Rodrigues work and travel website.

    Built for Alchemy + Aim, designed by Rachel Pesso.

  • Screenshot of Grow Magazine

    Grow Magazine

    Features WooCommerce store to order magazine issues and a custom retail locator map.

    Developed by Radley.

  • Screenshot of Kruggsmash


    This website was donated to Kruggsmash. He's one of my favorite YouTubers and makes excellent Dwarf Fortress videos.

    Designed and developed by Radley.

  • Screenshot of ZingMap


    Radley's hosting company website.

    Designed and developed by Radley.

  • Screenshot of Tracy O'Malley

    Tracy O'Malley

    Website for Peg Rodrigues work and travel website.

    Built for Alchemy + Aim, designed by Rachel Pesso.

  • Screenshot of Women Cantor's Network

    Women Cantor's Network

    Membership website with custom member directory and conference signup forms. Custom plugin to edit user profiles that appear on the member directory (must be logged in).

    Designed by Erik Contzius.

  • Screenshot of Terra Tech

    Terra Tech

    An e-Commerce website using WooCommerce. Customized UPS shipping plugin to support products that are already packed to ship along with products that need to be placed into boxes.

    Designed by Tyson Sterling.

  • Screenshot of Eugene Magazine

    Eugene Magazine

    Magazine website with focus on high quality images. Highly optimized website featuring CDN, cloud hosting, advanced cached, and more.

    Designed by Limelight Department.

  • Screenshot of Steelhead Brewing Company

    Steelhead Brewing Company

    Complete custom theme build with beer menu and two restaurant locations to choose from.

    Designed by Limelight Department.

  • Screenshot of The Adrienne St Clair Group

    The Adrienne St Clair Group

    Property locator with a unique day/night theme. The front page features several animations.

    Designed by Limelight Department.

  • Screenshot of Fight Club 2: Project Mayhem (Dark Horse Comics)

    Fight Club 2: Project Mayhem (Dark Horse Comics)

    Custom map-style interface. Many animations. Contribute & Sightings section managed by custom post types. User submitted content.

    Designed by Limelight Department.

  • Screenshot of Willamalane Parks & Recreation District

    Willamalane Parks & Recreation District

    Custom map locators for Parks, Facilities, and Bird trails. Custom post type for taking classes. Advanced navigation and mobile menus. ADA Section 503c Compliance.

    Designed by Limelight Department.

  • Screenshot of Bowtech Archery

    Bowtech Archery

    An international brand of hunting bows. Custom bow sorting and comparison utility. Store locator with API.

    Designed by Limelight Department.

  • Screenshot of Gorilla Capital

    Gorilla Capital

    Custom built property locator, Custom advanced search tool, Custom Fix + Flip Calculator.

    Designed by Limelight Department.

Work with Radley

For inquiries, please email Thank you!